Escalating Density Training - The Truth

| Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is escalating density training as controversial and life changing as it is hyped up to be?  I did some thorough research when I first stumbled upon it, and it turns out that the concept of density training has been around and accepted for a long time.  Unfortunately, most explanations of it out there were pretty unclear which made it impossible for me to incorporate it into my training.  I decided to take a leap and purchase the DVD from Charles Staley's website.

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Despite the obvious hype for the product, I have found the video guide to Escalating Density Training to be a legitimate course.  The videos fully teach the system and demonstrate how it can be adjusted to most individual goals.  It is also bundled along with a handful of useful bonuses that helped my training, so I was pretty happy with that.

I've always found it tough to gain muscle.  I actually followed a couple of so-called "breakthrough" courses before this one and have always found myself doing something wrong.  Whenever I worked out, I never knew how much weight to use and wasn't too sure if what I was doing was beneficial.  I thought that as long it was hurting, it was working.

After struggling through days of soreness, I always found myself stronger but never as big as I had hoped.  I realized that none of the programs I followed taught exactly how choose and increase weights.  So I decided to check out escalating density training because of its claims to eliminate all of the guesswork.

Everything made a lot more sense once I watched all of the videos.  I put it to the test immediately and found that it was very time efficient.  That doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt though.  It is still very challenging.

After I learned everything from the video guides and ebook bonuses, I was able to put on the pounds I've been trying so hard to gain.  I can credit most of my success to everything I learned from escalating density training, but I also have to say that I have great work ethic.

Before you make any commitments, keep in mind that the only way you can gain muscle from following this system is if you have enough dedication to stick to it.  EDT is backed up by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, but if you don't have the time or effort to follow it regularly, there's really no point in wasting your money.

Check out the main website for the hilarious attempt at creating suspense.  It is cheesy I know, but I also know that the video guide itself is not cheesy at all.  CLICK HERE for more information on Escalating Density Training

EDT Training vs. Traditional Training

| Friday, December 4, 2009

With Escalating Density Training, Charles Staley introduces a whole new training concept.  As usual, people are naturally opposed to change and therefore feel uneasy about trying out his program. Interestingly enough, the special method is fundamentally valid yet sometimes hard to grasp.

Performance > Fatigue
The first thing you should acknowledge is that Escalating Density Training is not like your traditional weight training.  While traditional weight training focuses on muscle fatigue, EDT focuses on muscle performance.  What I mean is in normal weight lifting situations, you would probably base your reps and sets on how tired your muscles get.  In EDT, the number of reps and sets are strategically decided to ensure that your muscles are being trained at maximal performance levels.

Training Doesn't Have To Hurt
By avoiding fatigue-based training, you'll be avoiding a lot of the pain that comes along with it.  Some users of Escalating Density Training claimed that it totally debunks "No pain, no gain."  However, just because the program does not require fatigue to give you results does not mean it will be easy.  It requires you to do more work within a certain amount of time, so it is definitely still challenging.

The Escalating Density Training concept is fairly new but seems to be pretty solid.  If you visit the main EDT page, and you'll see some visual representations of how doing more sets of fewer reps allow your muscles to contract with greater power and performance.  In the end, it will be up to you to decide if you can rely on this training method.  Find more information about EDT Training by clicking here.

Is Escalating Density Training Right For Me?

| Wednesday, December 2, 2009

People have different reasons and goals when they try out escalating density training. A common goal is to achieve and maintain body fitness. Others might indulge in this routine to avoid health complications. Whatever personal goals everyone might have, it pays off to invest some time in preparing for this training.

Optimize your muscle building benefits by following simple guidelines and safety precautions. Many factors come into play when considering muscle building safety measures. Your current health should be taken into account. A quick medical check up is advisable for beginners. The doctor will be able to determine if you are in good physical condition and have enough stamina to start exercising your muscles.  Aerobic fitness can be measured by the person’s ability to inhale and exhale oxygen within a minute. To maximize aerobic fitness, a cardio routine is complementary to weight training.

 While many people enthusiastically leap into a muscle resistance routine on their own, they do require guidance and counseling throughout the process. A good instructor teaches good handling and technique.  Escalating Density Training was written by the acclaimed Charles Staley, a fitness professional who seems to know his stuff.  The routines in the guide are available in many types of intensities. The strength and endurance capacity of your body should match the intensity of the routine for best results.  Whether you decide to use escalating density training or not, keep in mind that safety comes first.

Escalating Density Training PR Zones

| Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As you might already know, the goal of EDT is to accomplish more each workout session within the same time period.  Charles Staley, the author of Escalating Density Training, calls this method working in "PR Zones" (PR meaning personal record).  This means that you will have to keep time and keep count of your exercises.  For example, you try to do as many sets of ten repetitions as possible within fifteen minutes.  On the next set, your goal is to complete more reps or sets than in your previous fifteen minute session.  Completing more work or beating your PR should in growth for your muscles.

Using Escalating Density Training (PR zones) has been proven to be a highly effective in the building of muscle.  PR zones is effective because it minimizes pain in the workout.  Because of the common misconception of measuring how much work is done by how much pain is present, many methods are inefficient.  Working in PR zones is efficient because you don't work towards pain, you work for speed.  However, Escalating Density Training isn't commonly utilized in the muscle building world because of the lack of guidance.  In the guide, you can expect to find the information necessary in order to take advantage of this concept and create a custom workout plan that would most benefit your body.  Click here to learn more about the Escalating Density Training video guide.

Escalating Density Training DVD

| Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Many people have trouble deciding whether Escalating Density Training is the right program for them.  They are oftentimes not even sure what it is.  Allow me to describe it; EDT is a training system used for gaining muscle mass.  Unfortunately, it is often mistaken as a program exclusively for bodybuilders.  The truth is that this program is universal.  I will explain why that is so in this article.

On the main Escalating Density Training page, there is a claim that this system works for "ANYONE...young, old, male, female, weak, strong...doesn't matter."  Although this just sounds like hype and seems unrealistic, it isn't too far from the truth.  The basic goal of this program is to do more work within a set time period of time.  This can be applied to many different forms of exercise and training.  Therefore, EDT is "technically" universal.  However, this training system is aimed more toward individuals wishing to put on pounds of muscle.  And for those of you reading that are actually interested in gaining muscle mass, you might be wondering if any special equipment is necessary.

Fortunately, EDT can supposedly be done with any exercises.  Users of the product like to praise how convenient the program is.   It can be used with dumbells, barbells, or even bodyweight exercises.  One of the benefits of using Escalating Density Training is that should take out most of the guesswork out of putting together a personalized training program.  It teaches you how to decide how long each session must be, and the number of sets and reps you'll need to continue to progress and get results.

In the Escalating Density Training video guide, Charles Staley claims to go over everything you need to know to apply the concept with your workout and how to do it most effectively.  Click Here to find out more about the Escalating Density Training video guide.