Is Escalating Density Training Right For Me?

| Wednesday, December 2, 2009

People have different reasons and goals when they try out escalating density training. A common goal is to achieve and maintain body fitness. Others might indulge in this routine to avoid health complications. Whatever personal goals everyone might have, it pays off to invest some time in preparing for this training.

Optimize your muscle building benefits by following simple guidelines and safety precautions. Many factors come into play when considering muscle building safety measures. Your current health should be taken into account. A quick medical check up is advisable for beginners. The doctor will be able to determine if you are in good physical condition and have enough stamina to start exercising your muscles.  Aerobic fitness can be measured by the person’s ability to inhale and exhale oxygen within a minute. To maximize aerobic fitness, a cardio routine is complementary to weight training.

 While many people enthusiastically leap into a muscle resistance routine on their own, they do require guidance and counseling throughout the process. A good instructor teaches good handling and technique.  Escalating Density Training was written by the acclaimed Charles Staley, a fitness professional who seems to know his stuff.  The routines in the guide are available in many types of intensities. The strength and endurance capacity of your body should match the intensity of the routine for best results.  Whether you decide to use escalating density training or not, keep in mind that safety comes first.


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