Escalating Density Training DVD

| Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Many people have trouble deciding whether Escalating Density Training is the right program for them.  They are oftentimes not even sure what it is.  Allow me to describe it; EDT is a training system used for gaining muscle mass.  Unfortunately, it is often mistaken as a program exclusively for bodybuilders.  The truth is that this program is universal.  I will explain why that is so in this article.

On the main Escalating Density Training page, there is a claim that this system works for "ANYONE...young, old, male, female, weak, strong...doesn't matter."  Although this just sounds like hype and seems unrealistic, it isn't too far from the truth.  The basic goal of this program is to do more work within a set time period of time.  This can be applied to many different forms of exercise and training.  Therefore, EDT is "technically" universal.  However, this training system is aimed more toward individuals wishing to put on pounds of muscle.  And for those of you reading that are actually interested in gaining muscle mass, you might be wondering if any special equipment is necessary.

Fortunately, EDT can supposedly be done with any exercises.  Users of the product like to praise how convenient the program is.   It can be used with dumbells, barbells, or even bodyweight exercises.  One of the benefits of using Escalating Density Training is that should take out most of the guesswork out of putting together a personalized training program.  It teaches you how to decide how long each session must be, and the number of sets and reps you'll need to continue to progress and get results.

In the Escalating Density Training video guide, Charles Staley claims to go over everything you need to know to apply the concept with your workout and how to do it most effectively.  Click Here to find out more about the Escalating Density Training video guide.


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