Escalating Density Training PR Zones

| Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As you might already know, the goal of EDT is to accomplish more each workout session within the same time period.  Charles Staley, the author of Escalating Density Training, calls this method working in "PR Zones" (PR meaning personal record).  This means that you will have to keep time and keep count of your exercises.  For example, you try to do as many sets of ten repetitions as possible within fifteen minutes.  On the next set, your goal is to complete more reps or sets than in your previous fifteen minute session.  Completing more work or beating your PR should in growth for your muscles.

Using Escalating Density Training (PR zones) has been proven to be a highly effective in the building of muscle.  PR zones is effective because it minimizes pain in the workout.  Because of the common misconception of measuring how much work is done by how much pain is present, many methods are inefficient.  Working in PR zones is efficient because you don't work towards pain, you work for speed.  However, Escalating Density Training isn't commonly utilized in the muscle building world because of the lack of guidance.  In the guide, you can expect to find the information necessary in order to take advantage of this concept and create a custom workout plan that would most benefit your body.  Click here to learn more about the Escalating Density Training video guide.


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